To Be a Young Witch

It has taken several years for this book to be published and now it’s time to talk about the journey that led me to this point.

We run a Druidcraft group in Glasgow, Scotland and have members that over the years have had children and bring them along to the gatherings, some in the past have been very willing to join in and want to do small tasks.

This led me to wonder if I could write anything which would be a trainer for these youngsters, those who state they are ‘Witches’ even at primary age, ‘I’m a Pagan, a Witch’ I have heard from young lips.

So bit by bit this book, published by Whyte-Tracks Books, part of Millhouse publishing,  encourages the young people to follow the seasons, do different activates that link with the seasons. To celebrate the Moon and to keep a notebook of all their experiences and rituals, a book of shadows perhaps?

As I have done in the past, each step of the way there is a story to further express what the chapter is all about. So the book is part teaching and part fiction if you like?

The series of books I have had published with Moon Books, ‘Let’s Talk About’ went through nursery school age and up into school age. This book talks to older children, secondary age or maybe a year younger or older? Everyone is an individual.

So what comes next? I have gone back to younger age children and started to write a series of stories which are now religious or spiritual, they are the adventures of a young Fox and a fire breathing dragon who becomes his best friend. I hope to get a contract to publish these, especially as I have written them for ‘Cue and Review-Print Speaking to the Blind’ and they are available for the blind on the British Wireless for the Blind. So far there are 40 stories which would easily convert into a book with chapters.

Like all other authors I would love a contract for this but as yet I’ve not been successful.

Lots of things to write about, just don’t know what to write first?

Siusaidh Ceanadach

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