being a newbie activist for the SNP

Thoughts on Election 2016 in Shettleston,

From a fairly new supporters eyes:

For the first time in my life I have become an activist within the SNP, it came at a time that I found myself with extra time on my hands wanting to do something to ‘make a difference’ do my bit for the community. Let me explain that my partner Piet had been active in the referendum but then had to take a back seat last year due to bad health and I was at home helping to nurse him back to health!

And very healthy he is now, regardless of some problems that could hit anyone at any age. So we found ourselves, especially me in a difficult position. Well enough to help but not well enough to walk up and down street delivering leaflets.

So what do do? Many years ago before I became a Nurse I did some work as a temp in offices, so I knew how to file stuff, how to work a pc and a printer and how to answer a phone, that became the answer for me. So I knew some of the team having met them briefly at branch meetings but that’s not to say I knew them, not like the friendship that grows when you spend hours and hours in each others company.

Did age make a difference? Not to the members of them team towards me, not my size or my disability seemed to make a difference. As a person born in England but having lived in Scotland since 1990, apart from a few months, I truly believe that Scotland should be an independent country and consider myself Scottish. This is my home, my children live here, my grandchildren, apart from two of them are all born here.

And hubby? Yesterday had him standing at a Polling Station and then driving folks around!

Home is truly where the heart is! And being an active member of a team is also heart-warming, right down to the toes!

So I would encourage anyone of any age, if you want to be part of a team, want to live in an independent Scotland, then go along to your branch meeting of your SNP, or your local Green party, offer a few hours each week and maybe more when the need occurs. Age, colour, disability, gender, sexual orientation or religion makes no difference!

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