Siusaidh Ceanadach has been Pagan for over twenty-five years. She trained as an Astrologer in London and became a Wiccan, training in an Alexandrian Coven. Since then she has studied Druidry with The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and with The Druid Network. Her life took her to live in Scotland where she became elevated into Gardnerian Wicca and has since, along with her husband and High Priest has run a Coven, a Development Circle and co-ordinates The Tuatha De Bridget, open Druidcraft Groven in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
Siusaidh has previously been a recognised Legal Celebrant with The Pagan Federation in Scotland and conducted Handfastings, Baby Naming and Funeral Ceremonies. She has a wide circle of friends Worldwide and is well known in Wiccan and Pagan circles.
Siusaidh can be found easily online via email, via Facebook, and through Siusaidh and Piet’s site: http://www.ceanadachbooks.com